Dubai – City-State of the Future: Globalism, Plutocracy and Social …

Dubai is a top travel destination choice for tourists and visitors, this is no surprise as there are tons of things to do. Dubai is a holiday destination that has something right for just about anyone. As your trusted travel partner, Universe Empire has various packages to help you explore Dubai. Here are 5 fun facts about Dubai that you probably didn’t know about:

Tallest Building

Dubai beach pexels

Dubai has been known to be the home to the tallest building in the world : the Burj Khalifa. This building stands tall at 828 meters and is 3 times as tall as the Eiffel Tower in France. Additionally, the Burj Khalifa is designed like a desert flower – Hymenocallis and it houses restaurants, residential apartments, a hotel and office spaces.

Police Cars

Dubai police cars
Head view of the Dubai Police cars

Dubai’s police force owns probably the most impressive fleet of cars you could ever find in any police force around the world. For instance, in their collection, you can find super fast cars like the Lamborghini and Ferrari. Although general duties are carried out with regular cars, you can be sure to find any super fast cars their collection.

One of the largest malls

Dubai biggest mall

The Dubai mall is one of the biggest malls in the world and the largest destination for shopping and leisure. This mall covers over a million sqm and features high end shopping stores, restaurants, an ice skating rink and the Dubai aquarium. There’s definitely something to do for everyone.

Architectural Buildings

Dubai street view scaled

Dubai has a rich collection of buildings and structures of various architectural styles. Many modern interpretations of architecture can be found here, due to a boom in construction and architectural innovation in the Arab World in general, and in Dubai in particular, supported not only by top Arab or international architectural and engineering design firms such as Al Hashemi and Aedas, but also by top firms of New York and Chicago

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle garden

Dubai Miracle Garden, a 72,000-metre (236,000-foot) flower garden, opened in Dubailand. It is the world’s largest flower garden. The garden displays more than 50 million flowers with more than 70 species of flowering plants. The garden uses retreated waste water from city’s municipality and utilises drip irrigation method for watering the plants.

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